ICTA Flexible Coextruded PP Conduit Serie Speedy

Sku: 8024386122035

Coextruded Protective corrugated conduits in Polypropylene
Class. 3422
750 Newton
Low Smoke Zero Halogen

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The ICTA 3422 Speedy Series typology defines a pliable, self-recovering Corrugated Insulating Pipe, totally free of micro-holes, ecological, free of toxic and corrosive acids, low smoke emission and free of halogens (LS0H in compliance with EN50267-2-1, EN50267- 2-2, IEC61034-2).
It has a compression resistance of 750 N.
It is characterized by the presence of an external wall in polypropylene and an internal wall in special material that optimizes cable insertion operations even in difficult conditions and makes the product ideal when using liquid cement.

It is recommended to use for installation:  

•In concrete;
•Embedded in the floor,
•under plaster wall,
•for the realization of systems in prefabricated buildings,
•in modular buildings and in all places and uses where high mechanical strength is required

•ideal where a high resistance to crushing is required.

Quality Marks
EN 61386.1, EN 61386.22, EN 50267.2.1, EN 50267.2.2, IEC 61034.2 
Compression Resistance
Class 3 medium (higher than 750 N on 5 cm at +23°C) 
Impact Resistance
Class 4 heavy (6 joule a -5°C) 
Minimum Temperature 
Class 2 (-5°C) 
Maximum Temperature 
Class 2 (+90°C) 
Flame Propagation Resistance
Electric Insulating Resistance
Higher than 100 mohm for 500 V in 1 minute 
Dielectric Strength
Higher than 2000 V at 50 Hz for 15 minutes

CODE without wireCODE with wireouter DIAMETER (MM)inner DIAMETER (MM)COILS (MPALLET (M)

•Packing in reels wrapped in transparent recyclable protective plastic film;
•Wooden pallet reels wrapped in opaque anti-UV film and plastic top cap

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