TCTA 2232 PP Insulating Conduit Light Standard Series

Sku: 8024386124145

Protective corrugated conduits in Polypropylene
Class. 2232
320 Newton

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The TCTA 2232 typology defines a protective insulating pipe for electrical systems, corrugated, pliable, self-recovering made of polypropylene.
It’s a self- extinguishing product classified as 2232 according to the standards EN 61386-1, EN 61386-22. Compression resistance 320 N.
Available in orange (A) non self-extinguishing and black (N).

Is suitable for the realization of plants where it is necessary to associate the elasticity and flexibility of polypropylene the no less important capacity of no flame propagation.
It is suitable for:
• floor systems with liquid cement,
• systems embedded in the floor,
• systems under plaster wall,
• for the construction of systems in prefabricated buildings,
• in modular buildings and in all places and uses where high mechanical resistance is required.

Quality Marks
EN 61386.1, EN 61386.22,
Compression Resistance
Class 2 light (higher than 320 N on 5 cm at +23°C)
Impact Resistance
Class 2 light (1 joule a -15°C)
Minimum Temperature
Class 3 (-15°C)
Maximum Temperature
Class 2 (+90°C)
Flame Propagation Resistance
Self-extinguishing black
Electric Insulating Resistance
Higher than 100 mohm for 500 V in 1 minute
Dielectric Strength
Higher than 2000 V at 50 Hz for 15 minutes

• Packing in reels wrapped in transparent recyclable protective plastic film;
• Wooden pallet reels wrapped in opaque anti-UV film and plastic top cap.

CODE without wire CODE with wire outer DIAMETER (MM) inner DIAMETER (MM) COILS (M) PALLET (M)
TCTA016*S100 TCTA016*T100 16 9 100 7800
TCTA020*S100 TCTA025*T100 20 12 100 6600
TCTA025*S100 TCTA025*T100 32 22 100 2200
TCTA025*S100 TCTA025*T100 25 16 100 4000
TCTA032*S050 TCTA032*T050 32 22 50 2200

*Available in orange (A) non self-extinguishing and black (N), flame retardant

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