Innovation, Passion and Quality are the three essential principles of the company philosophy.

Since 1980 our commitment is to create and keep a relationship of trust, care and exclusivity with our customers by providing them with products of high quality, security and functionality, to ensure a prompt, effective and customizer service, and a supply flexibility and variety.

Those quality, recognized by an increasing number of electrical equipment distribution trade partners, are the results of the experience, commitment, creativity, enthusiasm and passion we put in our daily work which allowed us to achieve the results obtained in our 40 years of activity.

Another focus that has guided our action is linked to the environment that surrounds us. The attention to the environment is certified by the implementation of the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. In fact, we are committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance, minimizing where technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on products and the environment. This is why among our objectives there are the respect for the area in which we operate, implementing anti-pollution measures and technologies aimed at respecting and safeguarding nature, the constant search for eco-friendly products and the experimental research of new materials. We have installed photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electricity, we recycle the waste material from our production and improve our ability to use raw materials that are increasingly low in CO2 emissions.

And what about the product range? We produce LSF0H (Low Smoke Flame resistant Zero Halogen) protective insulating tubes, in accordance with the international standards IEC 61034-2, EN50267-2-1, EN50267-2-2. These are products that meet the most stringent safety standards and are recommended for installation in public buildings where a large number of people gathered together such as airports, stations and shopping centers. In fact, in the event of a fire, they have a minimum emission of opaque fumes leaving the escape routes visible, they do not spread the flame, and they have a minimum content of halogens, characteristics that make them suitable for safeguarding numerous human lives.

All these actions are the result of the commitment we put into our work every day and which have allowed us to expand the portfolio of business partners over time.

“… We like our work, and we do it with passion. It is the love for things well done that guides us in daily activity. We are not tired of producing "pipes" yet, on the contrary we are studying how to make them better and easier to use and on the other hand we are very satisfied with the customers we have, true partners and not just buyers ... "

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Quality and Production

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Human Resources

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Company certifications

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