TF01 3321 Insulating PVC Conduit Tieffe Series

Protective insulating corrugated pliable conduits in pvc.
Class. 3321
750 Newton

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The TF01 series made of PVC with classification 3321, according to EN 61386-1, EN 61386-21, thanks to its rigidity and dielectric resistance avoids any dispersion and is insensitive to electrochemical phenomena such as corrosion produced by lime and cement; it has a compression resistance of 750 N and resistance to flame propagation: self-extinguishing in less than 30”.
Its low specific weight makes transport operations easy, making installation easier. It is available with cable: add the letter ""T"" to the code.

The use of the product is recommended for all electrical installations that do not require the use of LS0H products.
This product is not suitable for liquid cement. For this type of installation, the use of ICTA 3422 or ICTM 3432 pipes is recommended.

Quality Marks
EN 61386.1, EN 61386.22
Compression Resistance
Class 3 medium (higher than 750 N on 5 cm at +23°C)
Impact Resistance
Class 3 medium (2 joule a -5°C)
Minimum Temperature
Class 2 (-5°C)
Maximum Temperature
Class 1 (+60°C)
Flame Propagation Resistance
Electric Insulating Resistance
Higher than 100 mohm for 500 V in 1 minute
Dielectric Strength
Higher than 2000 V at 50 Hz for 15 minutes

• Packing in reels wrapped in transparent protective plastic film.
• Wooden pallet coils wrapped in opaque film and plastic top cap.

CODE black pipe without wire CODE black pipe with wire outer DIAMETER (MM) inner DIAMETER (MM) COILS (M) PALLET(M) MINI PALLET(M)
TF01016NS100 TF01016NT100 16 9 100 7000 3200
TF01020NS100 TF01020NT100 20 12 100 5800
TF01025NS050 TF01025NT050 25 16 50 3100
TF01032NS025 TF01032NT025 32 22 25 1650
TF01040NS025 TF01040NT025 40 30,2 25 1000 500
TF01050NS025 TF01050NT025 50 38,6 25 1000 500

CODE colored pipe without wire CODE colored pipe with wire outer DIAMETER (MM) inner DIAMETER (MM) COILS (M) PALLET(M)
TF01016*S100 TF01016*T100 16 9 100 sfusi
TF01020*S100 TF01020*T100 20 12 100 2400
TF01025*S050 TF01025*T050 25 16 50 1400
TF01032*S025 TF01032*T025 32 22 25 600
TF01040*S025 TF01040*T025 40 30,2 25
TF01050*S025 TF01050*T025 50 38,6 25

*available in white (W), blue (B), light blue (A), green (V), brown (M) or lilac (L)

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